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Those E-Comm “Gurus” All Thought His "Import-Missing-Link” Was a Joke, Until This 14 Year old Kid Started Making More Money Than Them!
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"The Import-to-Profit Blueprint... How This Teenager Consistently Breaks 5-Figures Sourcing Products From China And You Can Too!!"

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Thursday @ 8.00pm CST (USA) 
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Will Deeth

Co-founder of I Will Import

Lisa Deeth

Co-founder of I Will Import
Teen’s Import Business - Model Featured in Major Media: 
14-Year-Old Will Deeth Broke 6-Figures in Sales by Age 14
- Learn His Simple Import Secrets
Free 50 Min. Web-Class [Plus Blueprint]: 
"The Import-to-Profit Blueprint... How This Teenager Consistently Breaks 5-Figures Per Week!"
If You’re Curious About Importing You NEED This Free Blueprint 
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Will and Lisa on a recent trip to China visiting The Great Wall
Will and his Amazing Mom Lisa, Are Going to Walk You Through the “Import-to-Profit” Blueprint  
This Is the “Missing Link” He Developed To Source His Products That’s Helped Him Sell 5-Figures Per Week
Are you ready to know exactly how importing can transform your business and how you can avoid the traps and pitfalls most importers fall into?

Do you currently import but rely on the manufacturer for the importing process and don't understand the paperwork or even know if you are getting a good deal?

Are you ready to learn how to save thousands of dollars and avoid ending up with a poor quality product that you have over paid for?

Do you need the scoop on the 7 BIG must-knows to safely choose the most trustworthy suppliers, so you don't get burnt?
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  •  How to Avoid Overpaying Up to 4 times the Price When Purchasing From China - Saving You Money & Giving You An Unfair Competitive Advantage
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Will’s Mom/Co-Creator of the Webclass
(Because So Many People Were Asking)
Started Importing from China at Age 14
and Co-Creator of the Webclass
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  •  Learn how young Will Deeth is sourcing products for his over 5-figures business, selling totally unique products that people want on first sight... with zero worry about “failed product ideas”. 
  •  Find out how to start using Will’s “import missing link” to sell in any niche from anywhere in the world!
  •   Watch how to create a “WOW!” product that gives you a totally unfair advantage over your competition.  
  •  How to avoid the biggest mistakes that importers make that cost them thousands of dollars and lead to endless hours of frustration. 
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