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If you haven't heard of us before, Lisa and Will are a family team that love importing. Will has learnt the system and started importing successfully when he was only 14.
He started making money straight away and still continues to make money to this day. Lisa and Will want to share what they do with other people and help them start their importing journey.

Lisa Deeth founded I Will Import in 2012 (under China Purchasing Consultants) and in 2016 re branded, bringing William on board in 2016. We have an established office in Australia and in China.
The business was established after Lisa's success with selling online and many people wanting to know what and how to sell online.  We created a system and have taught and mentored many students to become successful importers.

We take you through step-by-step how we set up a highly profitable importing business.

We’ll show you how we created a profitable importing business. We break it down into simple, powerful steps so you will have a clear plan to follow.
Whether you’re an existing business owner or a newbie, we can show you how an importing business can give you additional income into your life.

We run live events as well as online events to show people the system we have developed and use to import from China.

Not only do we teach how to import, we continue to import and sell both online and offline ourselves, so we are aware of current trends in the ecommerce world.

Our China team work exclusively with our clients.
We invite our clients to come to China with us where we will introduce them to our team and show them first hand how and what we do.
Our China team will then provide product sourcing, quality control and freight forwarding services.

We offer different levels of support, depending on your needs and requirements. This includes self paced learning right through to 1:1 coaching.

If you would like to find out more, or join us on our next upcoming trip to China please contact us at support@iwillimport.com
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